What Are Your Responsibilities as a Property Owner?

1. Understand the process by reviewing the materials available or by visiting our website for more information.

2. Report any changes or discrepancies to your auditor since your last valuation.

3. Provide feedback to your auditor about your valuation to ensure its accuracy.


How can I review my property information?

Our Real Estate website  provides your property information and will also allow you to search properties similar to your property.

  • You can review your information using the Residential or Commercial tab on the left column.
  • You can view your values and value history as well as tax detail and payment history from our real estate website.
  • If there is a discrepancy in the property information, or if you have questions, call the Auditor’s office at 513-732-7150.


How will I know if my value is correct?

Try to determine what you think your property is worth by looking at home sales in your area and comparing market values of similar homes. You can use the Neighborhood Sales located near the top of the far right hand column.


What do I do if I don’t agree with my Triennial Update Value?

Contact us at 513-732-7150 to discuss questions or concerns you may have regarding your property. You can also schedule an appointment to review your property valuation.


Who should schedule an Informal Review?

Anyone who wants to do the following:

  • Review and verify the information about the property
  • Ensure the taxpayer understands how the value was established
  • Determine if the value is fair compared with similar properties


What do I need to bring to the Informal Review?

Bring any information that you think could impact the market value of your home such as:

  • Sales or listing contract (if property was recently bought or sold)
  • Appraisal performed within the last 2 years
  • Photographs of any damage to your property
  • Repair estimates for your home
  • Additional sales information for comparable homes in your area




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