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Have you ever wondered what the Auditor's Office is responsible for?

Responsibilities and Duties of the Clermont County Auditor's Office:

  • Chief Fiscal Officer
  • Chief Assessor
  • Chief Payroll Officer
  • Account for all Monies Received by the County Each Year 
  • Issue Checks to Pay Bills
  • Distribute Tax Dollars to Agencies
  • Distribute Fees, Taxes, and Local Government Funds
  • Prepare County Annual Financial Report
  • Budgetary Compliance
  • Citizen Transparency
  • Budget Commission
  • Tax Incentive Review Council- Member
  • Unclaimed Monies
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Appraise Property – Establish the Taxable Value of all Real Property Within the County
  • Physical Reappraisal every 6 years; Statistical Revaluation 3 years in middle of sexennial cycle
  • Property Ownership Transfers for Tax Duplicate
  • Board of Revision
  • CAUV Program
  • Homestead Program
  • Maintain Maps of Property in Conjunction with the Engineer’s Office
  • Administer Tax Reduction Programs
  • Special Assessments
  • Forfeited Land Sales
  • Manufactured Home Registration
  • Prepare the Tax Duplicate and Abstract of Values
  • Maintain all Payroll Records for the County
  • Make Correct Tax Withholdings From Employees Pay
  • Issue Employee Paychecks Biweekly
  • Maintain Records of Public Employees Retirement Systems Contributions
  • Prepares Various Reports for Retirement Systems


Administration Building

101 E. Main St. Batavia, OH 45103

 Auditor's Office

101 E Main St

Batavia, OH 45103


M-F 8:00 - 4:30


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