Real Property Transfer & Conveyance

The purpose of transferring deeds through the Auditor is to maintain an accurate record of property ownership and parcel identification and to collect conveyance fees required by Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 319.20 and 322.02.


Clermont County conveyance fees are $4.00 (four dollars) per $1000.00 (one thousand dollars) of consideration rounded up to the nearest one hundred dollars. Transfer fee is $.50 (fifty cents) per parcel.


Important Required Documents:


Clermont County Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value And Receipt

(DTE Form 100) – ORC 319.202 (or)


Clermont County Statement of Reason For Exemption From Real Property Conveyance Fee

(DTE Form 100 EX) – ORC 319.202 & 319.54 (F) (3)


Statement of Conveyance of Homestead Property

(DTE Form 101) is required if the grantor (seller) of the property being conveyed was entitled to the Homestead reduction for the preceding or current tax year.


Statement of Conveyance of Current Agricultural Use Value Property

(DTE Form 102) is required if the grantor (seller) of property being conveyed was qualified for the current agricultural use valuation (CAUV) for the preceding or current tax year. 4/23/2004

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