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Big Fish “Certified on an Auditor’s Scale”

“They brought it over and I had to help them lift it. I thought oh my gosh this is big. Right away, we knew that it was probably a state record, so we called the Ohio Division of Wildlife. A fish like this, if it is a state record, you have to get it certified on an auditor’s scale.” “He was 56.5 inches long and had a 39.5 inch girth. He weighed 101.11 pounds,” said Parker.

Did you know?

The Auditor is the Sealer of Weights and Measures for the entire County, thus protecting the general public from the possible loss which may occur from faulty measuring devices, such as scales and pumps. The Auditor is charged with the responsibility of insuring that all State laws relating to weights and measures are strictly enforced.

Sealers perform “spot-checks” on pre-packaged items to test the weight of the contents. County sealers are certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. A few cities in Ohio employ their own sealers.

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