Streamside Residents

Streamside Residents


This section applies to the property owners located in the Streamside Subdivision located in Batavia Township, Village of Batavia, and Batavia Local School District.

The properties in the above referenced subdivision are located in a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA), created by the Village of Batavia as set forth in Resolution No. 276-19 and passed by the Village of Batavia on May 13, 2019.  The CRA Legislation provides for 100% abatement of real property taxes on the improvements to the parcels containing the single-family dwellings.

Per this agreement, the only responsibility of the Clermont County Auditor is to establish an assessed value of real estate. (1. (a))

The Village of Batavia is responsible for preparing and submitting invoices for the PILOT’s at the same time that other property tax bills are sent to owners of real property in the Village. (4)

The Owner’s will pay to the Village PILOT’s on a semi-annual basis, on the same dates real property taxes are payable on the non-exempt portion of the single-family parcels.  Those PILOT payments shall be in the amount equal to 50% of the total amount of real property taxes that would have been paid. (2 & 3)

A copy of this agreement can be viewed here.

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