Unclaimed Funds

The Clermont County Auditor’s Office serves as the trustee for the County’s unclaimed funds and wages.  The Auditor’s office is required to maintain these funds per section 9.39 of the Ohio Revised Code. Funds held in the Clermont County unclaimed funds account include but are not limited to Vendor Payments, Child Support Payments, Lost Heir Accounts, Proceeds from Sheriff’s Sales, Restitution Payments, Jury/Witness Fees and Court Payments.


NOTE: The Clermont County Auditor’s Office does not hold funds from companies in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Unclaimed Funds holds these types of funds. You may contact them at 1-877-644-6823 or visit their website at http://www.com.ohio.gov/unfd/.


Download the latest Unclaimed Funds listing:


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If you find accounts less than $100 belonging to you or someone you know, you can complete the online fill in form and email the form along with any required documentation to lfraley@clermontcountyohio.gov (Please add in the subject line of the email “unclaimed funds claim”).
All other claims must be mailed to the address noted below with the completed claim form notarized with any and all required documentation.  If you are unable to print the form, you can email us at ajdeclaire@clermontcountyohio.gov   or contact our office at 513.732.7150 and we will mail a claim form to you.


Clermont County Auditor’s Office
Linda L. Fraley, Clermont County Auditor
101 East Main St. Suite 222
Batavia, OH 45103
Attn: Unclaimed Monies

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