The Clermont County Auditor’s Office serves as the trustee for the County’s unclaimed funds and wages. The Auditor’s office is required to maintain these funds per section 9.39 of the Ohio Revised Code. Funds held in the Clermont County unclaimed funds account include but are not limited to Vendor Payments, Child Support Payments, Lost Heir Accounts, Proceeds from Sheriff’s Sales, Restitution Payments, Jury/Witness Fees and Court Payments.
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In response to the 2009 Open Government Directive to implement principles of transparency, participation and collaboration, the Clermont County Auditor’s Office is pleased to offer an effective manner of viewing financial information to help citizens understand how tax dollars are being used in Clermont County. This is done in an effort to build trust in government agencies and officials, and foster an engaged, informed citizenry.
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The Clermont County Auditor is responsible for the distribution of county funds, payroll processing (1400+ employees) and the Chief Fiscal Officer of the county. Learn more about what our office provides for our community.
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Each year the County Auditor’s office issues a comprehensive annual financial report. This report represents and reflects upon the County’s financial performance over the past fiscal year. The report presents the County’s goals to develop sound fiscal policies, maintain reserves and fiscal integrity, and protect the assets of the citizens of Clermont County.
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Find the school treasurer report for the past 3 years.
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