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Learn how to file a deed electronically, in person, or by mail.
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A Geographic Information System (GIS) is used to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographical data.  It is made up of a few key elements, including hardware, software, data, and the people to maintain it.  The Clermont County Auditor’s Office operates our own GIS that allows us to preform many tasks and to provide the taxpayers with useful information.
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We get asked these questions a lot. Find answers to frequently asked questions.
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The Auditor is the Sealer of Weights and Measures for the entire County, thus protecting the general public from the possible loss which may occur from faulty measuring devices, such as scales and pumps.
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The Clermont County Auditor's Office serves the county in multiple ways to benefit the population. The Clermont County Auditor also serves on the Budget Commission, the Board of Revision, the Tax Incentive Review Council, the Records Commission and the Data Processing Board.
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