Manufactured Home

All owners of manufactured homes are required to register their home on DTE Form 41 with the County Auditor’s Office within 30 days after locating in Clermont County. Failure to do so can result in a $100.00 fine.


Conveyance Fees and Title Transfer:


The sale of a used manufactured home after January 1, 2000 is subject to a conveyance fee instead of sales tax. The conveyance and transfer fees are paid by the seller to the county auditor of the county where the home is located immediately before the transfer. The conveyance fee in Clermont County is $1.00 per $1000 of the sale price rounded to the nearest one hundred dollars and the transfer fee is $.50 per title. Before the Clerk of Courts can transfer title, the county treasurer must stamp the title that all manufactured home taxes have been paid or that no tax is due. Once the title is endorsed by the treasurer, the title is taken to the Auditor’s Office where a conveyance form is completed and fees paid. The auditor will stamp the title noting that the conveyance fees have been paid. The title can then be taken to the clerk of courts where the transfer of title may be completed.


Relocation Notice:


This notice is required for any manufactured home that has been subject to taxation and is moving on the public roads from one address to another within or outside of the State of Ohio. The notice must be attached to the rear of the home during the move and contains the name of the homeowner, the home’s registration number or vehicle identification number, the county and the address to which the home is being moved and the county in which the notice was issued. Failure to get this notice can result in a fine of $100.00 for the owner of the home and the person moving the home. A relocation notice is available at the County Auditor’s Office for a charge of $5.00. All taxes must be paid on the manufactured home before the Relocation Notice can be issued.


Board of Revision:


Any manufactured home owner who is being taxed like real estate (sold after January 1, 2000) who disagrees with the valuation of their manufactured home may file a complaint as to that valuation with the Board of Revision between January 1 and March 31.

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