2023 Triennial Update

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Dear Property Owner,

As County Auditor, I am required by Ohio law, under the supervision of the Ohio Department of Taxation, to update taxable real estate values to reflect current sales trends three years after a Reappraisal.  Auditor’s must reappraise each parcel of property every six years, referred to as the “Reappraisal,” and update the information every three years known as the “Triennial Update”.

The State of Ohio directs my office when to do the appraisals as well as how to establish values based on current market trends.  Property sales over the past three years driven by a short supply of housing and higher new construction costs are inflating a sales market that is influencing values for the 2023 Triennial Update. These values do not reflect any Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) values for 2023, as they will not be available until later in the year. While there are variances in the methodology used by the state and the Auditor’s office, it is important to know that the Department of Taxation ultimately decides your value.

It is important to remember that a change in the value of your property is not proportional to tax changes.  An increase or decrease in appraised value does not equate to a dollar for dollar increase or decrease in taxes.

Many of your questions may be answered in the details provided on our website ClermontAuditor.org.  We encourage you to review your property details and see our Triennial Update page for frequently asked questions, along with links to interactive charts and maps and viewing property value changes by neighborhood using our sales and value map tool.

You always have the opportunity to question your value and are welcome to contact us with your concerns. We will be conducting informal sessions through October 6, 2023. Please direct questions to us at Reappraisal@clermontcountyohio.gov or call us at 513-732-7150.

Our goal is to provide Clermont County residents with courteous, accurate and efficient services and to administer property tax laws in a fair and impartial manner.  I, along with my staff, am proud to serve the residents of our county and look forward to addressing any questions you may have regarding your property value.



Linda L. Fraley

Clermont County Auditor

I encourage you to review the “frequently asked questions” below, prior to contacting our office as your answers may be found here. 

Contact us @ 513.732.7150 or email us at reappraisal@clermontcountyohio.gov

Frequently Asked Questions
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A Triennial Update Program involves a study and analysis of sales that have taken place in the past three years in order to determine whether a change in market value has taken place since the 2020 Reappraisal. As the name indicates, this program is designed to update appraised values and, therefore, to update assessed values. This program is not designed to increase or decrease taxes, but to keep property values up to date with current prices paid for properties.



Appraised Value is the most probable price a property would bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to an arm’s length transaction, a willing buyer and seller.

Assessed Value is the value of property against which the tax rate is applied in order to compute the amount of taxes due. By Ohio law, assessed value is set at 35% of the appraised value.



Ask yourself if you could sell your property at the appraised price.  If you answer “yes” or “I think I could sell it for more” than your property value appears to be an accurate reflection of market value.


View your neighborhood property value change using our sales and value map tool.

Ohio law mandates the County Auditor to assess all property at its market value. The best indicator is the amount similar homes have sold for. The Triennial is a reflection of the most recent market activity, not a prediction of the future.

As a result of recent record-high home prices, property owners should expect to see record-setting property value increases with this property value update. However, value changes may vary by neighborhood.


View your neighborhood property value change using our sales and value map tool.

Our goal is to set a fair and marketable value on your property; the amount it would sell for on the open market.  Your property is an investment, and the value of the investment changes over time as supply and demand change in the real estate market.

We won’t know the answer to this question until the Ohio Department of Taxation sends us approved tax rates in December.

Tax changes are NOT proportional to value changes. An increase or decrease in appraised value does not equate to a dollar for dollar increase or decrease in taxes.

Generally, for every $1,000 increase in your assessed value would be an approximate $10 increase in taxes.

Our website is a resource to review your property details such as property characteristics, neighborhood sales, tax and valuation history. We encourage you to review all of the 2023 Triennial Update Frequently Asked Questions, along with your property details using our property search function

View your neighborhood property value change using our sales and value map tool.

and interactive charts and maps. 


If you disagree with the value assigned to your property, you have the option to file a Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property.

If you are not satisfied with the value placed on your property, you may complete and file a Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property form or file a complaint electronically with the Clermont County Board of Revision. Complaints can be filed electronically, mailed or emailed to BORappeals@clermontcountyohio.gov.

Complaints must be submitted during the filing period between January 1st and March 31st. Please note, a complaint initiates a legal proceeding before the Clermont County Board of Revision.

We encourage you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Board of Revision Rules, and to review recent sales information in your area.

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