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Data Collection and Street Level Photos of Properties is Underway in Clermont County


Linda L. Fraley, Clermont County Auditor, announced today that data collection and street level photos of properties in Clermont County is underway.  The County Auditor is required by state law and ordered by the Tax Commissioner to review each property every six years. The last reappraisal in the county was for tax year 2020. Those values were recently updated statistically for tax year 2023 as mandated by the State of Ohio. The entire process will take approximately two years to complete and will be effective for tax year 2026.  We anticipate that the street level photography portion of the project will be complete by the summer of 2024.

Tyler Technologies/Cyclomedia has been contracted to conduct the street level photography portion of the project. All representatives of Tyler Technologies/Cyclomedia will carry a photo I.D. authorized by the County Auditor, a letter from the Auditor, and the cars will be clearly marked and identified as Cyclomedia . If there is any doubt as to the authenticity of the vehicles or any field personnel, homeowners are encouraged to contact the Auditor’s Office at the number listed below.

The street level photo collection of County properties is conducted to help ensure that property characteristics are correct. The street level photo collection will begin in March 2024. The photography will be captured with the latest technology and the use of state-of-the-art cameras mounted to the top of vehicles that capture images as they drive through county neighborhoods.

Once these images have been verified and accepted, including any updates to the property characteristics, they will be made available on the Auditor’s website at

Any questions should be directed to the Auditor’s Office at 513-732-7150, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday or email us at .

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