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Dog License Information

Dog licenses expire annually on December 31 of each year and require renewal every year.  Dog owners may license their dogs by mail, phone, online or in person. Residents have the flexibility to choose the renewal method that is most convenient for them, which makes it easier than ever for dog owners to comply with licensing requirements and keep their furry friends safe and accounted for.

It’s the law!  Under Ohio law, all dogs older than three months of age must be licensed (ORC 955.01).  All dogs kept, sheltered or owned must display a valid registration tag. The law applies regardless of whether the dog is kept inside or out.  If a license is not purchased by February 1, 2024, the annual fee will double, unless you have acquired your dog and/or moved to Ohio within the last 30 days.

Dog Licensing made easier! Through Clermont County’s licensing partnership with DocuPet, dog owners can conveniently renew their dog’s license online, eliminating the need for in-person visits or mailed applications. This streamlined process saves time for dog owners and ensures that dogs are appropriately licensed and easily identifiable while reducing the risk of penalties for non-compliance.  Your dog’s license includes DocuPet’s free HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service and designer license tags with personalization options.

Proceeds support the Animal Shelter. 20% of the proceeds from these fun and functional tags goes to DocuPet’s Safe&Happy Fund to support the critical local animal welfare work of the Clermont County Animal Shelter so pets in the community can look good while doing good.


One year dog licenses are $16

Three year dog licenses are $48

Permanent dog licenses are $160

Puppy licenses are available after July 1st

Optional Designer tag costs vary by design

Kennel licenses $80-includes 5 tags. $1 for each additional tag

are only available through the Auditor’s Office by mail or in-person


All License purchases are non-refundable.

Purchase or Renew Licenses Online
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Through our licensing partnership with DocuPet, Clermont County residents are now able to easily renew their pet’s license online through their account.

Residents can renew a dog license online at, or can choose to renew in- person at one of the locations listed below:

  • Clermont County Auditor Office, 101 E. Main St Batavia, OH 45103
  • Clermont County Animal Shelter,4025 Filager Rd, Batavia, OH 45103

Tags do not have a year engraved on them nor do they fall into any specific color or shape to illustrate when they were purchased or how long they are valid. Tags are renewable, meaning the tag itself can be reused year over year therefore you do not need to get a new tag each year, however we certainly recommend you do so if your pet’s tag becomes unreadable in any way. Note: that you are still required to renew your license registration annually even if you decide to keep an existing tag. 


Dog licenses can be purchased online utilizing our pet partner DocuPet. The easy-to-use online licensing service provides a quick and seamless way to license your dog from the comfort of your own home.

Residents may also choose to print a dog license application and mail it to our office with an accompanying check payable to the Clermont County Treasurer. You may download the license application here.

 Clermont County Auditor’s Office- Dog License

101 E. Main St Batavia, Ohio 45103


If you’ve licensed a pet with Clermont County Auditor before, we likely have your record on file — let’s look it up! If you’ve never licensed your pet with Clermont County Auditor before sign up here .

Access my license record


 In addition to online, Residents can license their dog at the following locations:

We are sorry for your loss.  You can update a pet’s profile via your online account or contact us so that we can update your pet(s) records for you.

513-732-7150 or email us @

be sure to include your home address, complete name and your pet’s name in the email. 

If you have found a lost dog you can search here using dog tag number to locate the owner.

  • With full access to HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service, upload recent photos of your pet and include important information that will help identify and retrieve them if they become lost

DocuPet takes pride in the quality of our tags, connectors, and etching. We stand by our tags and offer a one-year guarantee on the legibility of the HomeSafe™ details etched onto the back of every DocuPet tag. As all tags come engraved with a pet’s personalized HomeSafe™ code, DocuPet does not accept returns.

If the etching has worn off of your pet’s tag within a year of purchase, or you require a replacement tag or connector due to an issue, pet owners can contact our customer service department via email at Please provide a photo showing the issue you encountered as well as a description and your account and contact information in the email.

Shipping Details

Orders are shipped to the mailing address on file. If there is no mailing address specified, it is shipped to the physical address associated with your account. To ensure your order arrives the first time, please make sure your address is correct on your account prior to placing your order.

Orders are shipped via USPS

Due to fluctuations in postal delivery service levels there may be delays in processing orders and shipping timelines. Orders can take up to 15 business days to arrive once the order has shipped. If you do not receive your order within this allotted time period, please contact our customer service department. 

How to Check Your Order Status

Pet owners can check the status of their license or tag order through their online account.


Online account

Order placed

Steps to Check Order Status

1. Select your country at

Status Definitions

Ordered: The order was just placed

Processing: The order is currently being made

Fulfilled: Your order is packaged and ready to be shipped

Shipped: Your order has left our facility and is making its way to you!

Returned: Your order has been returned back to our facility. Please update your address and contact Customer Service.


When you receive your tags in the mail for multiple pets, the tags will come in labelled bags with A,B,C, etc.  in them. On your receipt included in the envelope there will be a corresponding A, B, C etc. beside each of the pet’s names that had tags purchased for them.

If your account is set up to automatically renew your pet’s license you will not receive a tag in the mail. You can renew the license via your online account before the date of the scheduled automatic renewal and select a tag at that time. You’re also welcome to shop our tag store at any time!

Please check your emailed receipt if you are not sure if you selected to receive a new tag or not.

If you selected a tag and did not receive it in your order (please allow 15 business days for your order to arrive from the ship date)  please contact our customer care team via chat or by emailing with your name, contact information, order details and a detailed request.

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